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    Chris is a two-time Australian powerlifting record holder, the 2015 junior national champion, and is a dedicated strength coach with a passion for positively impacting people's lives. Despite his outstanding achievements in his career as an athlete and an aspiring entrepreneur, he faced many grim and dark experiences in his life. To become the man he is now and is becoming, he found acceptance in his old self and realised a change was necessary for him to find a path of purpose.

    The struggle is inevitable, and no one is exempt from it. The blueprint to life will never be the same for an individual. For Chris, his journey didn't begin in the gym and finding a passion for lifting weights. As many of us do in times of difficulty, we go through phases in questioning our self-worth and having constant self-doubt in ourselves; Chris went through that experience himself. He escaped his reality by indulging in video games and investing his time running to live in a fantasy world.

    Eventually, he looked in the mirror; he despised the man looking back at him and finally realised there has to be something more to his life than the one he is living now.

    Chris was far from an overnight success; the person he became developed through his dedication to becoming better and having the grit to realise the work he does daily will one day pay off regardless of the results at the moment. He began challenging himself by participating in a fitness challenge such as C25K (Couch to 5K) and actively challenging his physical and mental toughness by taking up kickboxing. Not too long after that, he was introduced to Powerlifting and discovered a natural ability to lift heavyweights. Soon enough, he began to eclipse his peers with his sheer strength and found a passion for Powerlifting.

    Chris began competing in Powerlifting competitions, became a two-time national record holder, and became the Junior National Champion in 2015. Throughout his competitive journey and creating those achievements, he built his mental fortitude and was hungry to challenge himself further and push his strength limits. He began to aim higher and set a colossal goal for himself; a massive 400kg deadlift - a deadlift that only a tiny handful of people in the entire world have accomplished. A lift at this enormous amount would require more than just physical strength alone. With Chris's background and ability, he was a promising candidate to achieve such a feat. However, as life hits us all, Chris faced a barrage of challenges of all multitudes; physical, mental, emotional, you name it, he was going through it. From his father's passing to a life-threatening health scare, a variety of physical injuries and many other life struggles, Chris began to question his goal for the 400kg deadlift he once desired of achieving. Would it matter if he could lift this much? How about I pursue bodybuilding instead? Or go back to kickboxing? - Chris began to question the dream of the goal; however, this was more than just knowing and having the ability to lift a certain amount of iron.

    The real impact that this would create is the journey and the person Chris would become through said journey. The discipline and mindset he would get out of this would be a greater reward than the achievement of lifting iron for just a moment of glory. The necessary skills, discipline, and mindset necessary won't only help him but also be advantageous for the long journey ahead in life.

    What's next for Chris?

    Chris is currently laser-focused on achieving his goal of a 400kg deadlift. He is working day and night in preparation to get his body to achieve such a feat of strength. Chris also focuses on working with his clients to help them along their fitness journey and build a lasting relationship with them and positively impact their lives. Chris hopes to continue his journey into his personal growth, to not only become physically stronger but to become a better man, the man he envisions himself to be.

    Chris's dedication to upscaling his business and working towards creating a business much more than just a coaching service, but building a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals, all focused on bettering themselves and elevating those around them.

    Parting words from Chris.

    "Every moment, every struggle, every feeling, every high & every low is fleeting. Sometimes we live for those single moments of success, those high points in life, but that is not what we should be living for, but for the journey along the way, for if we only live for those moments, then our entire life will flash by before we even realise it."

    To know more about Chris, you can find him on Instagram @whysostrong