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    We are carved a stone with a name, date, and legacy at the end of our lives. What will your legacy be? When your time on this planet has ended, how do you want to be remembered?

    Your statue may be literal or figurative. Visualise your goals, dreams and visions as a statue that will immortalise your success and let it be an inspiration to others as they magnify the beauty that you have created. May your statue stand beside the great inspirational leaders and figures and be an inspiration for the generation coming before us.

    It is up to you how you carve your statue. Are you willing to chip away slowly, in detail, with patience and love or otherwise? It is up to you.

    In the end, the way you carve your statue will reflect your work ethic, dedication, success, relationships and your journey to reach that point. When you carve your statue, I hope you are left happy, content, gratified, and hungry to begin the next.

    May your life be abundantly filled with figures that will immortalise your legacy and leave you living a life without regret and fear. Let your statue speak your legacy, be the symbol of your life and be the reminder that anyone and everyone can carve a statue. Carve your statue.

    As you complete your statues and carve many more, don't forget to help others carve their own. As important as it is to carve your own, there is no harm in helping others create their statues. Wouldn't it be gratifying to not only build your monuments but also know you helped others create theirs too?

    We live in a world where we are so fixated on creating our statues either at the expense of others or watching others' statues crumble. When we can help others, it must be our moral obligation as part of humanity to help wherever and whenever we can. Do not be selfish with your blessings and gifts. If we have the opportunity to use them to help our fellow man, what are we to lose?

    Have the courage always to do good, always do right. Carve your statue with love, passion, honesty, dedication and don't forget to help others along the way, one chisel at a time.


    It takes showing up daily, regardless how you feel to build the resilience to overcome the challenges that life throws at us. Remember why you started and what you're doing it for, let your statues reflect that. We hope you enjoyed this quick read and if you would love to hear more about resilience and pivoting through life, check out episode 32 of the Okiru Huddle Pod streaming now on major platforms and video version available on Youtube @ Okiru.

    Stay safe always, make it a great day and always choose to GET UP!


    Okiru Huddle Pod Ep. 32 - Resilience

    In this episode, we are blessed to have our good friend Chris Aggett. We talk about transitioning from powerlifting to MMA, training, mindset, and a lot more! Join us as we unpack these interesting topics and we have an amazing discussion. We hope you gain value from these discussions.

    Listen to the episode HERE!

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