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    Okiru (起きる/ Get Up) is a Melbourne based active streetwear brand which is influenced heavily by Japanese style and culture. Okiru was established by co-founders Gerald Prado and Lawrence Menor with the goal to create a message and movement focusing on physical and mental wellness. Okiru was first established in June 2019 through the joint love of design and creativity.

    During the build up of Okiru, life's unforeseen circumstances had almost stopped us from establishing our brand. Okiru had evolved from being a creative outlet to now embodying the name; “Get Up”.

    We understand that people battle through mental and physical challenges everyday, so our aim is to motivate people to push through difficult times and “Get Up” when we get knocked down. Through our own experiences we believe in having the courage to begin, the strength to perform and the perseverance to keep going. Okiru represents believing in oneself and showing kindness to one another.