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    The thought of failing is often the judgement of expecting a potential outcome to a situation that may or may not happen, which often leads to not even trying. As natural-born dreamers, we love to have a vision of what our success will look like; it is the ideal reality we dream of; however, we hold ourselves back because of one of our most significant weaknesses; our mental self talk. When the stakes are high, and the probability of failure is higher than the chances of success, we often talk ourselves out of it. I am guilty of this, and I know most of you are too. But why is that? Depending on our self-talk and mental capacity to overcome those thoughts, we often never even try because failing will make us feel inferior, embarrassed, sad, physical and psychological pain, and sometimes the insurmountable vulnerability to external criticism. These are all normal emotions and reactions in the event of failure. However, it is a matter of whether we allow those emotions and things to overcome and control us.

    Failure shouldn't be something to be afraid of; it is something we need to embrace. Fear not trying. Failure shouldn't be considered a negative, instead, see it as a process of learning and growing. When your dreams are big enough, nothing should get in the way of it. Look at children; for example, they are big dreamers; they always have much bigger goals than they are, ignorance is their advantage. Children aren't born with fear; the environment and people around them influence children to develop anxiety. The ignorance of a child removes the limitations of achieving that goal or dream and just thinks, "I'm going to do this". Discover your inner child and just do. Have a big enough dream that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. If your goal is not big enough, you breathe too easily; find yourself in situations where you have to fight for your breath as much as you are fighting for your dream.

    They say that successful people are professional failures. Time and time again, you hear the stories of successful people overcoming difficulties that seem unconquerable. The reason they made it is they were not afraid to do, to try. Even when the odds were against them, that didn't stop them. They have a win/win mentality, 100% win and growth rate. When you succeed, you are winning; when you are failing when doing, you are learning. You need to have that mindset. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying continual failure will most certainly get you success; it comes from what you learned during that event and how you will adjust the next time. I am still on that growth journey, my success journey, and for not only myself but for us to succeed, we mustn't fear the failures that are to come.

    Action cures fear. Maximise from the failure. Fear not trying.

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