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    Hi Okiru family, we hope you’re doing okay, and we hope you’re staying safe! This week we are honoured to have the perspective of our good friend, writer and climbing enthusiast Stephanie Lemi to answer our 3 questions.

    What are you grateful for?

    While incredibly difficult, I am grateful for how lockdown has changed some of my daily habits, and how it has given me more time to finely analyse aspects of my life's foundation. When your external becomes limited, you will be pushed to expand internally.

    What have you realised?

    Relationships are powerful mirrors of yourself, reflecting what needs to be learnt and healed. Sometimes people find us for a reason. Repeating patterns that we need to break make themselves known. Our heart, blind spots, fears, wants, values, and even our purpose can be revealed through the people we come across. I've realised what I need to shrink, and what I need to expand upon. What deserves my attention, and what I need to ignore. Relationships are incredible teachers.

    What is a question you want to ask?

    "What are your weaknesses?"

    Write down an honest list of your weaknesses (but remember to write a list of your strengths too, to stay balanced!). Start becoming aware of your own 'shadow' (the unconscious, repressed, negative side of yourself that we all have as human beings). It is through the understanding and acceptance of your own shadow that you can flourish even further—both within yourself and within your closest relationships.


    Stephanie Lemi is a Court Monitor, with an educational background in Psychology and Writing. Influenced by her years of exposure to criminal cases. Stephanie is keen to contribute to causes related to societal progress and mental health. She also has a deep appreciation for written content and its profound ability to spark change and inform others.

    When offline, you can find her at her local climbing gym.

    Follow Stephanie by clicking here

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