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    Self-reflection; In the world's busyness, we tend to forget what is most important, ourselves. The information age has consumed us to seek approval from others, but you don't need their justification. You need your permission because you're worthy. Don't look for it externally; you need to look internally. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I happy with who I am?" If the answer is 'no', ask yourself, "Who do I need to become to be that person?". Don't be afraid to be critical of yourself; be honest. When you learn to accept who you are at that moment, you learn to accept what you need to do. You just need to ask, are you willing to do what is necessary?

    Self-reflection empowers us. When you build that self-confidence in yourself through critical analysis, others' words and opinions should not worry. You gain a greater understanding of who you are, what you are and what needs to be done to become that person. Self-reflection is looking at where you are in this moment, what you have, analysing your feelings and emotions, analysing your goals and endeavours to find clarity in your vision. It is a way for us to practice a sense of gratitude; when you realise whatever you have, whether big or small, all of those things are worth being thankful for. Use these things to create a so-called mental cookie jar, for when times are rough, and you're feeling down, reach into the cookie jar and find something to be thankful for. All your successes, victories and blessings.

    Reflect on yourself to strengthen your mind, for a strong sense will have a better chance of finding success in all aspects of life. Don't be afraid of the truth; welcome it with open arms and embrace it no matter how much it hurts. Don't let others' external opinions hurt you, for they do not live in your reality.

    By Lawrence Jasper Menor | 28.07.2020

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