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    With the launch of our latest collection, 'The College Collection', the design was inspired by a college apparel style to remind us that we must always remain students. 

    In a world where woke culture is on the rise, extremists on all sides and egos high, we forget to have a sense of humility. To have an open mind to the opinions of others, to be taught to understand, and willingness to learn. We have grown attached to our bias's and ideology's, and we refuse to see otherwise; a fixed mind is the barrier to progress. I often catch myself in that trap in my own bias's and allow my emotions to overtake me. It is vital in those moments that I humbly silence my voice to let others teach me in their views to understand.

    Humility and humbleness are characteristics of openness to learning. When we allow others to teach us and give our complete attention to them, we may be surprised by what we discover — we all have something to share and something to learn, no matter how knowledgeable you may be. That is why having a mentor or coach can be advantageous; they can provide a broad perspective and have a clearer vision of our journey.

    Books are an excellent tool for us to learn from man's vast philosophies and ideologies and explore many techniques that people before us have used. One of my favourite books that I've read recently is the international bestseller "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

    As written in the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey, we must "seek first to understand".
    As an aspiring life student, I'm learning to become a questioning machine instead of an answering machine. Intellectual curiosity is a key to learning, and focusing on understanding allows us to find clarity. As said in the fighting arena, the white belt mentality is how you grow; it humbles you and shows your weaknesses. Vulnerability is never an easy choice when you feel wiser and better than before. It is uncomfortable, but I have come to understand that you must reveal the chinks in the armour to know how to protect it.

    We can't only rely on the education provided in schools and universities. The habit of learning is essential in all aspects of life. After completing my education, I was naive to think that I was good enough for the industry and eventually, my complacency taught me otherwise. However, I am grateful for my mistakes because they taught me many more life lessons and experiences. Mistakes can be a great teacher if you have the intent of learning from them.

    I encourage you to be curious and have the courage to be bold and ask questions. Make learning a habit and never be afraid to say "I don't know" but back it up with "how can I learn?". Our ability to ask questions will be our key to understanding.

    By Lawrence Jasper Menor | 09.05.2021

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