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    If you've been following our journey for some time, you may have noticed we host a podcast where we bring on guests from professionals to business owners, friends, family and more. Through our podcasts, we aspire to inspire by sharing our guests' stories and experiences and adding value through civil discourse.

    We began to conclude every podcast by asking our guests three questions:

    What are you grateful for?

    What have you realised?

    What is a question you want to ask yourself or the viewers/ listeners?

    Our guests can answer these questions as sincerely as they choose, but these questions aim to give them a moment to find gratitude, be reflective and introspective and remain curious. As we find ourselves caught up in the world's busyness, we can easily overlook the importance of taking a few moments to be grateful, reflective and curious. Please tune in for next week's newsletter as we dive deeper into those values. 

    Why do we value these moments?

    As a brand with the betterment of individuals in mind, we want to share tools and values that we use and share with you. We came up with these questions because we often asked ourselves the same questions and thought it would be valuable to hear others' answers were. 

    I will end this newsletter with a quote from one of my personal favourite books, 'Think Again' by Adam Grant. Just as the three questions get us thinking within ourselves, do not fear questioning ourselves and others so that we can further expand our capacity to stay curious and discover a sense of clarity. 

    "How do you know? It's a question we need to ask more often, both of ourselves and of others. The power lies in its frankness. It's nonjudgmental—a straightforward expression of doubt and curiosity that doesn't put people on the defensive."

    ― Adam M. Grant, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

    When we let our inner child free and allow our curiosity to have no bounds, we open ourselves up to the opportunity to discover a new perspectives that we may have never been able to see initially. If you want to hear us talk more about life, opening our minds and perspectives and relationships with everything, check out episode 20 of the Okiru Huddle Pod streaming now on major platforms and video version available on Youtube @ Okiru.

    Stay safe always, make it a great day and always choose to GET UP!


    Okiru Huddle Pod Ep. 20 - What is our relationship with everything and how do we define love? - Interview w/ Josh Legaspi

    In this episode, we are joined by Josh Legaspi where we ask what is our relationship with everything and how do we define love? With a lot more interesting topics in between.

    Listen to the episode HERE!

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