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    The time is 'now. Don't wait for tomorrow, don't wait till you feel like it, just don't wait. For if you constantly wait for the right time, the time will never come. The time is now; make a move, take the initiative, take action because you never know when your clock will run out.

    Especially in these times, the world is in dire straits, and the unexpected is inevitable. We cannot control the situations and events around us, but we can control how we react to them. Are you going to let these things stop you from doing and pursuing the things you love or wish you could've done? Stop making excuses, instead find reasons 'why'.

    The clock is always running. How do you want your final chapters to be written and read? You control your narrative. Don't let the opinions and perception of others influence the way you live your life. Don't be afraid to go against the grain; to stand out from the ordinary people, you must have an uncommon mindset.

    You may be asking, why do you care? Well, because we do. As a brand, we want to be known for more than just our products; we want to inspire others to pursue their dreams and goals like we are doing. You are unique, you may not feel like it, but you are. You can do all the things are passionate about and love. You can achieve those goals and dreams, but you can only do them if you put in the work and take action now.

    Don't wait for tomorrow. The time is now.

    By Lawrence Jasper Menor | 07.07.2020

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