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    Don't let the opinion of others narrate YOUR story. The life you live is yours and yours alone. We can choose to allow others to be in our lives, but they will never fully understand what we see, what we feel and what we think.

    We will share similar experiences in life, but in the end, we all live in subjective realities and experiences and information will always be manipulated because we are all unique beings.

    I encourage you to live in and seek adventure, for you never know what treasures you may find in the depths of the unknown where some are too afraid to enter.

    Writing your story would help; you are in the driver seat. Are you going to write about the journey you wished you lived or the journey that you want and will live?

    We are all dreamers; we all dream about the life we can and want to live. But how many of us ever live to tell our dreams? How many of us will make those dreams into reality? Will your story be a fairytale or a historical biography?

    Don't place limitations on yourself; by doing so, you limit yourself to the extraordinary power you hold deep within you. We all have great power within us, but it is up to us whether we want to see that we have it or accept the situation of life we are living. You are worthy, and you are amazing.

    There is no room for mediocrity and comfortability in those who have achieved their goals and dreams. Have a relentless mentality.

    Are you placing goals in your life for yourself or the status and acceptance of others? Be truthful to yourself, be honest to your story.

    The person who is truly relentless in their goals and dreams will never be influenced by the external noise and circumstances of the world.

    They will do everything necessary to achieve success. Be relentless in your journey and take complete ownership of your life, for your story results from being responsible for all the decisions you make.


    Wherever you may be at this moment, it is all a part of your story! You are where you are meant to be and the best is yet to come in your story. We hope you enjoyed this quick read and if you would love to hear about our story, check out episode 22 of the Okiru Huddle Pod streaming now on major platforms and video version available on Youtube @ Okiru.

    Stay safe always, make it a great day and always choose to GET UP!


    Okiru Huddle Pod Ep. 22 - The journey towards Okiru

    In this episode, we talk about the journey and the mental obstacles we had to overcome when starting Okiru and our own experiences with starting a brand.

    Listen to the full episode by clicking HERE!

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